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a)    Ebrahim Alibhai Eye Ward – Spencer’s Eye Hospital, Karachi .
First Project was Eye Ward at Spencer’s Eye Hospital, Karachi in 1967

This double storey Ward has an accommodation of 50 beds for indoor
patients and facility to treat 100 outdoor patients daily.  This ward was donated to the Karachi Municipal Corporation.
b)    Ebrahim Alibhai Govt. Hospital, Larkana (Sindh)(peoples women project)
     Construction of building started in February 1974 and completed in January
     1975.  The Foundation Stone was laid by Begum Nusrat Zulfiqarali Bhutto.   
     This building has capacity of 20 beds for indoor patients, laboratory, X-ray,
     Dispensary, Nursing and Dressing room and OPD.

c)     Bus Coffin Carrier donated to Islamia Khidmat Committee, Korangi,Karachi
in 1973-74

d)   Surgical Instruments donated to Lyari General Hospoital, Karachi in 1975.

e)     Ambulance to Abbassi Shaheed Government Hospital, Karachi in 1975.

f)      Ambulance (Toyota Hilux Diesel Cab) donated to Society for Preservation & restoration of vision, Karachi in 1993-94.

g)       Trust donated to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi) with the following:

i)                  ENT Ward (ground plus floors) with 90 beds capacity, two Operation Theater, lift and generator. (1981-1982)
ii)               Complete top floor of main building increased with 160-bed capacity 1986-1987).
iii)            Complete trauma Centre ground to 4th floor, seven-operation theater, two lifts and by virtue of above, we are catering 100% accident and burning cases in this building having capacity of 160 beds (1989-90)
iv)             Building of C.T Scan at ground floor to help in detecting injuries of accidents cases (1992-1993).


  KPT Nursing School on the area of 12,600 sq.ft. Double storey building  
  construction started in September 1994 and completed in 1997.  This  
  building has a capacity of Lecture Theatre, Laboratory, Practical Room,   
  eight offices and two students common rooms on Ground Floor and  
  eight class rooms , Museum, Library on 1st Floor. Hostel Building   
  constructed on area of 6,200 sq.ft. single storey. It has 13 Bed rooms,    
  one Dining room, One Warden office, store, kitchen, TV and  

  Games room, completed in 1997.


The cause of Education was so dear to the heart of the founder of this Trust that Ebrahim Alibhai Trust also constructed buildings for primary/secondary schools and donated to KMC Karachi and Pakistan Navy as follows:

(1) Ebrahim Alibhai K.M.C. Primary School, Asifabad, Karachi, Two storey Building consisting of 30 Class rooms, over 2600 students are enrolled in this school. (February 1968 – October 1968)

(2) Ebrahim Alibhai KMC Primary School, P.I.B Colony, Karachi. The Building donated to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation wherein it runs Primary School in two shifts.  Capacity to accommodate 900 students. (Dec. 1966 – July 1967).

(3) Ebrahim Alibhai Block at Osmania College, Nazimabad, Karachi.
     This Five rooms block constructed in the college premises.  This block 
     increased the accommodation of 105 students. (Jan, 1968 – Seot. 1968).

(4) Girls Seconday School and Intermediate College at Jamia Millia, Malir,    
          Karachi. At present 600 girls are studying in this building.(Dec. 1967 –   
          Jan. 1969).

(5) Aga Khan Girls Seconday School, Amynabad, Hyderabad (Sindh),  
          constructed First floor, and this floor has an accommodation of 450   
          students based on single shift running.(Jan. 1969 – April 1970).

(6) Ebrahim Alibhai Trust Building 246, Garden West, Karachi, The Trust   
     started various educational activities in this building such as, Nursery  
Primary & Secondary Schools for boys and girls and a most modern Auditorium. This school nationalized by Government in 1972 and presently 2800 students are studying in this building.(1969 – 1970).

(7) Ebrahim Alibhai K.M.C. Primary school at Old Golimar, Karachi.
This building is erected at Old Golimar which is considered to be one of the poorest localities of Karachi. This building was donated to Karachi Municipal Corporation, 1000 student are taking education in this school.
Jan 1971 – April 1972).                                

(8) Ebrahim Alibhai Primary/Secondary School, Orangi Township Sector-1C Karachi. The building was donated to the Directorate of Schools Education, Government of Sindh, 1200 students are studying in this school.(July 1971 – April 1972).

(9) Ebrahim Alibhai K.M.C. primary School, Jalalabad, Nazimabad, Karachi, double storey building constructed and donated to the Karachi Municipal Corporation. 1000 students are taking education in this school. Jan 1972 – July 1973).

10)Ebrahim Alibhai K.M.C. Primary School, P.I.B. colony, Karachi.
 Single storey already constructed and afterwards upper storey    
 constructed on request of Administrator K.M.C. as students increased.   
 At present 1800  Students are acquiring education.(My 1974 – June 1975).

11)  Ebrahim Alibhai K.M.C. Primary School, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S. Karachi
This Building is Double Storey Constructed which can accommodate  1,000 Students handed over to K.M.C.(Sept 1974 – Dec 1975).

12)Ebrahim Alibhai K.M.C. Primary School, Baloch Colony, Karachi                                                     
This Single Storey Building has an accommodation for 800 students handed over to the K.M.C.(Jan 1975 – April 1976).

13)Ebrahim Alibhai Govt. High School, Orangi  Township Sector-10, Karachi. The Education Department of the Sindh Government requested to construct a building for High School in Orangi Sector No. 10 Karachi. The Building has an accommodation for 1,200 Students (March 1975 – April 1976).

14) Ebrahim Alibhai Schools, Garden West, Nishtar Road, Karachi.
Schools were housed in six storey having accommodation of 2800   
students. Trust used to run these schools .Further on request of  
Education Department construction stated of a three storey building in
July 1975 and completed in June 1976 on the area of 10,000 square feet. 
It has 18 classrooms, laboratories and general purpose rooms. 

15) Ebrahim Alibhai Govt. High School Building at Drigh Colony, Karachi.   
 Construction started on request of Education Department Govt. of  
 Sindh in November 1975 and completed in June, 1976. This is a huge   
 double storey building having 20 classrooms,  4 laboratory rooms, staff  
 room – total area 20,000 sq ft.

16) Ebrahim Alibhai Girls Primary School, Mir Pur Sakro, Sindh.
 Mir Pur Sakro is about 100 Kilometers from Karachi. On request of the    
 Aga Khan Education Committee, construction started of 7 class rooms in  
 January 1976 and completed in June, 1976.

17) Ebrahi Alibhai Primary and Secondary School, Karachi Administration  
 Society, Karachi. Huge double storey building on 9000 sq. ft. area    
 constructed on request of Education Department Government of Sindh.   
 900 student are taking education in this building, (July 1974 – Jan. 1977).

18) Ebrahim Alibhai KMC Primary School, Village Grax  Main Hawksbay
 Road Karachi (May 1976 – Jan 1977. This building can accommodate 500   

19) Social Welfare Department Govt. of Sindh (Shelter to Destitute Women)  
 Construction of two storey R.C.C. building on 8000 sq.ft. started in Feb. 1976 and completed in Jan. 1977.  Construction having dormatories, class rooms, rooms for Industrial home, offices, kitchen etc. This project was donated to the Social Welfare Department of Sindh Government.

20) Ebrahim Alibhai Govt. Boys/Girls Secondary School, F.B. Area Block-6,
 Karachi. Two storey building having 20 class rooms, laboratories,   
 workshop, office, on the area of 24000 sq.ft.  2000 students are taking
 education in this school (May 1976 – 1978).

21) Ebrahim Alibhai Govt. School, Kumharwara, Lyari, Karachi.
 High school building constructed on request of Sind Education  
 Department (1977  - 1978).

22) Ebrahim Alibhai Govt. School, Gizri, Karachi.
  This area is far from the city.  Poor people are settled in this area, where  
  there is no facility of primary and secondary education.  Construction  
  started in 1977 and donated to Government in 1979.

23) Ebrahim Alibhai KMC School, Block-15, F.B.Area, Karachi.
  Construction was started in April 1977and this RCC building completed  
  in 1978 and donated to KMC Karachi.

24)  Ebrahim Alibhai Pakistan Navy Primary / Secondary School consisting   
 26 rooms at Haroon Bahria Co-operative Housing Society, Hub River  
 Road, Karachi. Over 600 students are studying in the school.  (1992 –  

       25) Ebrahim Alibhai  Primary School consisting of 69 rooms having ground  
 plus two floors at Naval Residential Area Majeed SRE Karachi. Over   
 4000 students are studying in the school.

26) Ebrahim Alibhai PN Boys/Girls Secondary School consisting of 46  
 rooms having ground plus one floor at Naval Residential Area Majeed   
 SRE Karachi. Over 2300 students are studying in the school.


1.     Ebrahim Alibhai Building: Trust has constructed in the year 1970, huge complex comprising Schools, Auditorium and Shops, It is a Four storey Building at 246, Garden West, Nishtar Road, Karachi. This is, where office of the Trust is located.
2.     Hirani Centre: It is situated at the crossing of I.I.Chundrigar Road and Sir Ziauddin Ahmed Road and is eight storey building. Habib Metropolitan Bank hired the total accommodation of this building.
3.     Pak Chamber: It is three storey building built at 25, West Wharf Road on a plot of land leased from Karachi Port Trust, comprising Offices and Godowns.

The Charitable objects and the purposes are as under:

a)    To advance education in life of the poor and deserving member of the society and public at large without any distinction of cast or creed.
b)    To construct, establish, maintain, manage, improve or aiding hospitals, dispensaries. and giving medical relief.
c)     To give medical reliefs to needy patients..
d)   To construct, establish, maintain, manage, improve or aid Educational Institutions including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Madarsah and Orphanages.
e)     To give local and foreign scholarship to students.
f)      To provide relief to poor and distressed.
g)     To provide relief in the event of natural calamities such as floods, earthquake, fire, riots, etc.
h)    To deal, handle and provide relief for any other charitable activities.

Our humanitarian service covers some of the important aspects of life such as Education, Health and Medical Aid, Donations and Housing Projects.


With a desire to promote the welfare of the poor and needy, Late Mr. Kassamali Alibhai and his family founded through a Declaration a Trust, known as Ebrahim Alibhai Charitable Trust (EACT) (which registered on 8th June, 1958) in Karachi in living memory of his elder brother,Late Ebrahimali Alibhai Khimji.

Late Mr. Kassamali Alibhai and his wife late Shirin Bai donated their entire wealth during their life time to the said Trust.  Endowed with the Philanthropic Spirit Late Kassamali Alibhai devoted his full life to develop and strengthen this Charitable Trust using all means and resources at his disposal.

This Trust is a Family Trust. All Governing Body Members are Businessmen/Professional. They are all serving the Trust on honorary basis and no Honorarium, Remuneration, Allowance, Expense is being drawn by any Members/Trustee of the Trust.
No Entertainment expenses/Travelling expenses or any fee is being taken by any Member/Trustee.
No Donation from any Donor is accepted in this Trust. No Zakat Fund/Bestowal is demanded from the Individual/Government Institution etc.

This Trust is purely a Non-Profit  Organization  carry on Philanthropic activities and do not indulge in trading/business for profit making.  Funds of the Trust are applied for the benefit of the humanity at large (general public) without any distinction of caste or creed.  The source of Income is mainly the Rent income from house property. The entire income is utilized for Charitable purpose such as Medical Aid to poor patient, Scholarship for studies, Charity and donation to Social Institutions and marriage  of  Girls.